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Breaking the waves

It is now a year ago Share a Brainwave was launched. And during that year

72 users

have co-created

189 posts

and kept the ideas flowing by adding


It has been incredibly inspiring. New clusters of ideas have emerged…ideas long forgotten have been revived…surprising patterns have intertwined. And we thank all of you for participating in the first wavechallenge.

But now it is time to move on to the next steps in the editorial process that will be all about selecting and refining the many ideas, bits, pieces, ripples and wavy patterns. Molding them into viable articles, interviews and art projects.

We will have additional wavechallenges ready for you all to follow, join and participate in soon. And if you have any wavy ideas you would like to pitch or elaborate on for Reflexioner on Waves please do not hesitate to use the contact form

And what will happen to the many posts we have all co-created here on Share a Brainwave? Well – we think they combine into a beautiful piece of collaborative art…and it would be a shame to let them drift away. So we will freeze them now and leave them out here for everyone to enjoy, surf through, dive into and comment on. So we hope you will still swim by every once in while.

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