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Frk. Jensen’s post on The powers of water reminds me of paneldebate on ‘Religion versus science’ I once overheard.

A scientist (probably a meteorologist) explained how – under very, very rare and extreme weathercircumstances – the Red Sea could actually have split in two to allow the Jews to escape from the Egyptians.

This was supposed to be the scientific proof, that God doesn’t exist and that there was a natural cause for all of the biblical miracles.

The religious representatives in the panel instantly responded, that it was still a miracle and a proof of God’s interference, that such an ulikely weatherphenomenon occurred the very second the Jews needed it to – and that the WAVES splashed back as soon as the Egyptian army was trying to follow them.

2 Responses to “Extreme weather – coincidence or miracle?”

  1. on 27 Jan 2007 at 10:32 pm levende

    In 1530, the river Tiber flooded Rome, and as far away as the church Santa Maria sopra Minerva (right next to Pantheon, i.e. not that close to the river), one can see
    a plate on the facade saying “Up to here grew the Tiber and Rome would have already been completely flooded, had the Virgin not performed here her swift action.”

  2. on 28 Jan 2007 at 9:26 am Nadja

    Uhhhh РI like the image of the WAVES spurting from the finger. Could be a cool Pokem̫n-like power to pocess (especially for those living in the desert)

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