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Breaking the waves

It is now a year ago Share a Brainwave was launched. And during that year

72 users

have co-created

189 posts

and kept the ideas flowing by adding


It has been incredibly inspiring. New clusters of ideas have emerged…ideas long forgotten have been revived…surprising patterns have intertwined. And we thank all of you for participating in the first wavechallenge.

But now it is time to move on to the next steps in the editorial process that will be all about selecting and refining the many ideas, bits, pieces, ripples and wavy patterns. Molding them into viable articles, interviews and art projects.

We will have additional wavechallenges ready for you all to follow, join and participate in soon. And if you have any wavy ideas you would like to pitch or elaborate on for Reflexioner on Waves please do not hesitate to use the contact form

And what will happen to the many posts we have all co-created here on Share a Brainwave? Well – we think they combine into a beautiful piece of collaborative art…and it would be a shame to let them drift away. So we will freeze them now and leave them out here for everyone to enjoy, surf through, dive into and comment on. So we hope you will still swim by every once in while.

U.S.economy is according to some on the verge of the recession, according to others it is already in recession. The stock markets are falling down. Not only in USA, they are falling down across the globe.

Breaking News Alert from NYT

Stock Markets in Europe Plunge 7 Percent

Stocks Open Sharply Lower Despite Interest-Rate Cut

Asian Stock Markets Plunge for Second Day

The experts outdo one another in economical prophecies. Media sound the alarm about the inflation. Everyone across the world seems to be touched by the problems. I think it is very interesting to observe. It reminds me of the snowball effect. The more it rolls the bigger it gets.

It is like with Elliott waves that show the collective investor (or crowd) psychology and interactions move from optimism to pessimism and back again. These swings create patterns, as evidenced in the price movements of a market at every degree of trend.

From R.N. Elliott’s essay, “The Basis of the Wave Principle,” October 1940.

“The wave patterns are an organizing principle for myriad social behaviors, ranging from newspaper sales figures to the fortunes of national leaders. The reason Elliott waves can tell us all this is simply because they are direct reflection of human psychology – the rhythms of human emotion, as Elliott puts it.” (I know what you’ll do next summer, New Scientist, 31st August 2002).

Interesting how the herd behavior and emotions influence even the stocks market. It is incredible to see how everythink is linked and depend on one another.

Wonder if this guy simply obliged to the forces of nature – or wether he was inspired by this little world reknowned fellow:


No strings attached?


Gravity waves

Gravity waves are seen as cloud wave patterns because of (if I have understood this correctly) an obstruction which disturbs the air flow leading to a periodic pattern in the interface between two air masses:

Wave cloud forming off of Amsterdam Island in the far southern Indian Ocean

(Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_wave)

YouTube has this amazing time lapse movie of gravity waves over Iowa.

As 2008 is slowly but surely getting started we wish all of you a very happy and wavy new year.

Throughout 2008 we’ll recycle the Share a Brainwave-wavebands from the WAVEBAND GALLERY one a monthly basis – hoping to trigger a giant wave of memories, recollection and inspiration.

We commense the same way we initiated Share a Brainwave – by showing Jannie Weimar’s purple piece – Wavy Hair and a Comb.

Jannie Weimar, Waveband

Wrinkly apples

At the 2005 Biennale in Venice, Japanese artist Mariko Mori presented her amazing “Wave UFO”.

Wave UFO

Finishing Jan. 27 2008, an exhibition of Mori’s art is on display at Aros Art Museum in Ã…rhus (DK) – and  you will be able to enter the UFO!

Ocean levels are rising…

Using the sun to make a rhetorical point on the climate crisis – watch the video… 





Brainwave - Katrine de Place Bjørn

The December-waveband was created by Kathrine de Place Bjørn. Among her many works she has illustrated the interview with Danish psykologist Carsten Rene Jørgensen on fame in Reflexioner on Stars ( Hvad er det med de stjerner? ) and created the cover for Reflexioner on Roots in collaboration with Anja Funder.

Explore the funky fairytales of Kathrine’stextiles, prints and works at www.kb-me.dk.

Dull window waves

Dull window waves

Waves words ways

Radio waves
Radio waves

Enjoy cornfields waving in the wind, fusilli pasta, wavy spectators in a stadium, humming waves at the therapist’s, ‘The Wave’ movie by Morton Rhue, wavy girlie curls, a beautiful snail, royal waves at the amusement park, liquorice rolls mmm.

Avoid tidal waves, shock waves, radio waves from cell phones, internet-phonecards, PDAs, wireless networks – all the neighbours’ too. Scientists say they can harm your health?


Is a thought a brainwave, or is it first when one thought leads to another that you can truely speak o fa brainwave? One thougt…. a wave?

Whirlpool of memories


In the house I grew up in we had a great swimmingpool. My brother and I enjoyed it immensely and swam like dolphins all day long during the summers. The mornings began with a quick swim, the first thing we did, when we returned from school was diving through the water. In the wintertime we would run from the sauna and jump headfirst through the icecubes on the surface.

But we were the spoiled ones who weren’t responsible for the cleaning. My father was. And it was a fulltime job. Letting the water out, filling more water in, “vacuum-cleaning” the leaves out of the water. Adjusting the percentage of chlorine and purifyer. Throughout my childhood I remember the goggling noice of the water running the pipes into the basement-sewer. And I remember staring at the whirlpool-patterns for hours and hours.

And I had forgotten all about that untill a few weeks ago when – recently – my father moved back into the house after ten years abroad. I heard it immidiately when I last went to visit. And I ran into the basement to gaze into the hypnotizing circle-waves of my childhood.


A friend of mine once said that cucumbers equals “green sticks of water”. Oh well – on this open Danish sandwich the green sticks of water were sliced, pickled and draped in wavy patterns on top of the rillette.

Go ahead

Go ahead


Whenever I buy one of these I always spend hours gazing at the wavy structures that repeat themselves in various sizes but always in the same intricate fibonacchi-pattern.

Waveband 9 - Mads Berg

The November-waveband was created by

Mads Berg
Danish Illustrator
Part of Gul Stue www.gulstue.com

Enjoy all of the previous wavebands in the Waveband Gallery.

New lamp in the hallway

New lamp in the hallway

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